We are a group of problem solvers based in Bangkok

Surebro was built as a platform for me to find problems so I could solve them while I learn about new tech. It’s a win-win because I get to try out new technologies and people get their problems solved. I would release whatever I built for free.

I have learnt more than I expected to. Surebro helped me keep up with the crazy pace Software Industry works at but it also helped me learn other things, like what questions to ask to really understand a problem.

I have also met a lot of people through Surebro and some ended up joining me. We all are crazy into startups, building products and growth.

The next logical step was to somehow start earning so we could continue building products for free. We tried ads but that just felt wrong. We all had pretty bad experiences with outsourcing firms and realised it didn’t have to be that way. We decided to build an outsourcing firm that worked how we expected them to work.

We started accepting projects from Businesses. This has been an incredible learning experience and we love it. It also allows us to spend some of our time working on problems posted on Surebro without having to worry

The more we've worked the more we realise the issue with outsourcing firms. In my opinion, the major issue with outsourcing firms is they accept too many projects because they are competing on prices. They play the volume trick. Unfortunately, quality takes a hit. Nobody can work on 10 projects simultaneously and deliver exceptional products. This is why we only work on 1 project at a time.

This has worked quite well for us & our clients. The only problem is we have to say quite a lot of No(s) to quite a lot of interesting projects. We are working on it. Right now, we are happy building one delightful product at a time.

Chalamphong Pandey (Founder)