Let’s Build Something great together

We’ll take care of the tech so you can only focus on the business

Our aim is to make Bangkok “The Place” to build your startup

The major reason for not pursuing your dream is the risk involved in building a successful startup. It requires a diverse set of skills. It needs you to invest a lot of your time & a lot of your money. And in the end, it might not work out at all.

We want to make it easier and a little less risky for you to start up. So we'll take on some of the risk.

We'll build the tech to help your startup grow and scale. Meanwhile you won't have to spend a Single Baht on the tech. You can concentrate solely on the business and leave the tech to us.

How does this work

Tell us about yourself & your Billion Dollar idea

Before we can begin, we need to know about you & your idea. Tell us a little about your idea and something about yourself. We'll contact you back to arrange a meeting if your profile looks promising.

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Product Market Fit

Getting to Product-Market fit

If everything is agreed upon, we'll start working on your MVP. We'll iterate, testing and improving your MVP with every step. Meanwhile you attract early adopters to use your service so you can test your Business Model. This should get us to Product-Market fit faster.

Time to build your very own Rockstar Team

After reaching Product-Market fit, you'll probably want to raise. While you do that, we'll be building your very own in-house tech team. Believe us, recruiting takes a lot of time and doing it wrong can kill your startup. We'll make sure the transition is smooth.

The A Team

What do we get in return?

You do not need to pay us with money. We want you to spend your money building your business.

You pay us with a Partnership. In return for building the tech your startup relies upon, we take some equity from your company. How much equity depends on the complexity of the tech required. It’s usually 7-10%

Why not just outsource instead?