Designing an Ecosystem

Incorporating trust, quality & credibility in an online designer jewellery marketplace.

UI Design

A marketplace like no other

The founders of Juerix had a vision for what they wanted Juerix to be. They wanted to build a designer jewellery marketplace where quality is guaranteed. They wanted this to be very clear in all their customer facing products.

Juerix was going to showcase and sell designs from awards winning jewellery designers and we were asked to built something that did justice to the designers.

Our aim was to build our version of Art


Seven seconds to Impress

We had to communicate Juerix's USP to users while also balancing it with it's business requirements. All that within a small window

An average user will form an opinion of a website within the first seven seconds. It was important we could communicate core values to the user within seven seconds.

We also had to balance this with business requirements. Juerix is a business and without sales, it wouldn't be worth the designer's time to invest in Juerix.

Those two requirements forced us to try something new. At the end of the day we were quite happy with the result. It performed well business wise without compromising on the Juerix brand